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Why BeAnOffshoreBookie.com? There are many reasons. One is our experience with bookmakers and agents, we know how it is to be writing tickets and doing the work (the accounting) we know the hours and the effect you spend in the office and most of all the obvious legal exposure you get.

When choosing BeAnOffshoreBookie.com you can rest assured that you are dealing with professional bookmakers just like you, who knows the business hands on for 40 years. Our experience allows us to anticipate what you need as an online bookmaker, our goal is to manage your sports betting business to your liking with the help of more efficient tools and technology. We want you to have more time to increase your business.

Why not allow BeAnOffshoreBookie.com to do all your work for small price per head fee (We charge only for players that are active during that work week). You will have all the inner workings of a big offshore sportsbook. You and your players will have access to their accounts via internet or through our toll free wagering phone lines day or night 24/7.

Your players will have lines on any sporting event (NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL, Boxing, Golf, NASCAR,etc...) also 1st halfs, 2nd halfs, totals and props.

If you need a line on a specific event that is not posted, all you do is call and we will post it for you.

BeAnOffshoreBookie.com is the best bookmaking facility, with the most reliable channels for running an offshore bookmaking business.

BeAnOffshoreBookie.com wants our clients to be successful and to work with us for years to come.

One of our services is our expert management that helps bookmakers or agents like you to increase productivity, by helping you meet your various customer's needs. We will work with you on one to one basis to enhance our relationship with you and your customers.

Offshore bookmaking nowadays is the best option for bookmakers and agents to give their customers the best service possible.

We will create a website that fits you or you can use one of ours.

We offer

  • Quality call center with 24/7 service.
  • Toll free numbers.
  • Special phone numbers for your VIP players.
  • An easy to use website.
  • Complete player and agent reports.
  • Top notch line movers for your sharp players.
  • A racebook with all major tracks-free.
  • 24/7 online casino-free.
  • To work together with you.
Gaming Software

BeAnOffshoreBookie.com uses the best software in the market. With its complete reports it allows agents to have accurate information regarding their players at there fingertips.

Reliability and speed are essential factors to consider in wagering software, with an interface that is easy and convenient to use.

Our software technology is designed to give your customers highly reliable service. We contantly update and monitor our equipment.

This software allows you to integrate sports, horses and casino together.

You will be able to pull information 24/7.


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